The Happily Ever After?

Guess what?? I have a new book out. It’s a small book of poetry and it’s titled The Happily Ever After? It’s published by Crowe Creations with the amazing Sherrill Wark. It is available here:


Over the years, cobwebs
emerged in her house,
in her voice,
in her hair,
in her clothes and
in her mind.

All this in the name of
his demands,
nasty words and
items tossed on a whim.

We bore witness.

It’s time to clean the cobwebs
from our house,
from our voice,
from our hair,
from out clothes and
from out minds.

We will make different choices and
the poison will slowly fade away as
we take our cobwebs down
one strand at a time.

We bore witness.

If you do purchase a copy, please leave a review ūüôā

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Perceptive Travel – My Latest Article

I am very excited! I have a new article out at Perceptive Travel, an online magazine. It’s a great site filled with talented authors who write about their adventures. Obviously I was a natural fit…just kidding. The article is titled: A Nepal Hike Gone Wrong: Suspended in Altered State. You can view my article and photos here:

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Finding Evie – My latest book

Guess what? My book is finally here! You can order it from Amazon. Authors always appreciate it when you spread the word and if you take a minute to leave a review. Special thanks to my publisher Crowe Creations.

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Latest Article – Link

Hey everyone! I have decided this year is going to be my year for writing. My goal is to write and submit a total of twenty-four articles, stories and poems. I have started working on a few and have submitted a couple. I am happy to announce I have an article published on the Canadian Author’s Association’s (NCR branch) website.

The article is titled Boost your career by entering contests. Hope you enjoy.

Last but not least, my book Finding Evie will be out later this month. It will be available on and

You can also find me on Twitter @CatinaNoble1

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Finding Evie – Cover Reveal

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New Release – Finding Evie

It has been a bit but I am happy to announce that I have a new book coming out. My book Finding Evie is being published by Crowe Creations.

Here is a teaser that appears on the back cove of the book:

“I’m sure we all must have told ourselves, at lest once while growing up, that life couldn’t possibly get worse. As Rod Sterling, host of the ancient TV show, The Twilight Zone, actually never aid, “Imagine if you will,” being the eldest female child in a family with no parenting. Imagine being “Mommy to a pair of irresponsible, substance-addicted adult children. Imagine taking on the responsibility of being the many for younger siblings, the maids for lazy, hungover parents, the literal whipping girl for a father’s outbursts. Catina Noble has nailed it in Finding Evie. She has managed to portray Evie Feathers as though she herself had lived through each and every soul-destroying experience and come out, not merely a a survivor, but as a thriver. Finding Evie holds hope between its covers for neglected children.”

The book should be out in the next few weeks. I will keep posting updates here. It will be available on Amazon.

Just a reminder, if you would like to follow me on social media:

Twitter @CatinaNoble1

Instagram @cncreate

If you would like a bit of reading before this book comes out, here is an article I was invited to write for Reader’s Magnet about my book Everest Base Camp: Close Call

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September 2021 Update

Things have been pretty quiet here for the last while. I hope things will pick up. I have a couple of different writing projects on the go. I don’t have anything concrete to report at this point in time though.

As for my other website, Fiddles & Scribbles, it should be back up and running soon.

I took a bit of a break from writing, besides from writing in my journal. I am now back writing and feel more like myself.

I hope all of you are doing well.

You can also follow me on Instagram – cncreate and/or on Twitter – CatinaNoble1.

Best wishes.

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Jane Rosenberg LaForge – Book Promo

Book: Sisterhood of the Infamous

Author: Jane Rosenberg LaForge


Barbara Ross was at the center of the punk rock explosion in 1970s Los Angeles as a guitarist for the all-girl outfit California Youth Authority. Her hopes for rock ‘n’ roll stardom faded, but her then-girlfriend went on to become the singly-named Jasmine, a pop sensation and national sweetheart. When Jasmine is found dead in the Hollywood Hills, Barbara becomes a “person of interest,” although there’s a problem with the police’s theory of the case. Barbara is bedridden, dying of breast cancer, and has only her estranged sister, a retired ballerina, to speak for her. As Barbara’s life dwindles away, Barbara and her sister reconsider their quests for art and fame, and which carries the higher cost: success or infamy.¬†


Jane Rosenberg LaForge is a poet, novelist, and occasional essayist living in New York. Born in Los Angeles, she studied ballet as a girl; worked as a journalist in three states; and taught college composition and literature in New York. Her third full-length poetry collection will be “Medusa’s Daughter” from Animal Heart Press in 2021. Her previous novel, “The Hawkman: A Fairy Tale of the Great War” (Amberjack Publishing), was a finalist in two categories of the 2019 Eric Hoffer Awards.¬†


Author’s website ¬†

Available on Amazon

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Johnn A. Escobar – Book Promo

Book: El Misterio de Crowswood

Author: Johnn A. Escobar


In the town of Crowswood, located in Oregon РUnited States, the quiet and peaceful lives of its people will soon be disturbed by a suicide, which will expose two horrible crimes and together with them something more perverse, ancient and  Malignant , tied to stormy local history, a secret that should never be revealed. 


Johnn A. Escobar (1991) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At an early age he was influenced by great literary works such as Don Quijote de la Mancha, La caída de la casa Usher, El almohadón de plumas, Robinson Crusoe, among many others. It currently has fourteen books published in Spanish edition. 


Available on & on Smashwords

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Susan Kay Anderson – Book Promo

Book: Mezzanine

Author: Susan Kay Anderson


A search for self by losing self. As a shamanic presence, she disappears into a number of landscapes, principally the area in and around Nome, Alaska. There is an amazing tension created by the quiet ecstasy of the voice that guides us through this life-dream. The long poem that provides the book’s title is narrated by a night shift janitor who works in a university building. As she moves from room to room, area to area, she recovers pieces of her life, as if praying the stations of the cross. This brilliant book is both stylistically innovative and an emotionally moving experience.

‚ÄďLawrence R. Smith, author of The Plain Talk of the Dead, Editor and Publisher of Calibanonline


Susan Kay Anderson holds an MFA from Eastern Oregon University.  She is the recipient of an Oregon Young Writers Award and the Jovanovich Award. Her poetry has been published in Barrow Street Journal 4 X 2 Project, BlazeVox Journal, Caliban Online, Carolina Quarterly, Mudfish, Puerto del Sol, Square One, Tom Clark Beyond The Pale, and other places. She was the poetry editor of Big Talk in Eugene, Oregon, a free publication which showcased up-and-coming NW punk bands, published by Hank Trotter. Anderson worked in Hawaii as an educator and interviewed Virginia Brautigan Aste; this project and its resulting memoir, Please Plant This Book Coast To Coast, is forthcoming in 2021 from Finishing Line Press.    


Available at Finishing Line Press

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