Sunday Check In

Not a whole lot to report, but a few exciting things. My book about my hike on the El Camino trail in Spain will be out before the end of this year!

My book Everest Base Camp: Close Call is still getting good reviews. It’s available on Amazon. As well, it will be available shortly at a book store called Novel Idea located at 156 Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario.

Another review from someone who enjoyed reading Everest Base Camp: Close Call

“Everest Base Camp: Close Call, one of the many books written by Catina Noble. It is a must read, Catina has a way of allowing her readers to see what she sees. This trip is one of the countries on her bucket list. From beginning to end she describes the experience of climbing to Everest Base Camp. She writes a well written account of her climb to Everest Base Camp from her meals, to hotels, to encounters with the people. She talks about the ups and downs of her experience. She talks about her near death experience and her helicopter ride to the hospital. I will leave it there and allow you to read the book and and find out what happens.” Judith Waugh

I always appreciate so much when my readers take the time to contact me and let me know they enjoyed my book or post on Facebook or Amazon with a review. As most people know, reviews are important to writers. Plus, on my not-so-confident writing days, I read these. I go over and over them. Reading reviews is always a nice pick me up.

Another thing I have spent a bit of time on this past week, is signing personal copies of my book and mailing them out. Never thought I would be doing that.

Thank-you everyone.

Best wishes and have a great week.

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Sherrill Wark – Book Promo

Book: 90 Steps to the Base Camp of Conscious Awareness

Author: Sherrill Wark


Anybody who wants to mess his/her head up real bad, get this book. It’s Sherrill Wark’s latest. It will only mess your head up if you follow the directions, though. If you don’t follow the directions, there’s no point in using the book. (P.S. The messed-up head leads to a non-messed up spirit by the end of the 90 “Mission Impossibles.”)

Author Bio:

In 1973, Sherrill Wark joined a New Age group that promoted conscious awareness through daily automatic writing, personal dream analysis, and meditation. Her understanding of and compassion for others soared, she taught classes, and thirteen years later, came out of it very much aware of her own thought processes. “Today,” she says, “many turn to external media to distract themselves from their inner voices.” Sherrill hopes 90 Steps to the Base Camp of Conscious Awareness may offer a solution for dispelling the unfounded fears that lurk within us all, within some more than others.

Available at: Amazon

Author Contacts:

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Sunday Check – Ins

Guess What? Very exciting! I got my review back from Reader’s Favorite. It received 5 out of 5 stars. Here is the review from Jack Magnus:

“Everest Base Camp: Close Call is a nonfiction adventure travel memoir written by Catina Noble. Noble had been an adventurer for years already and had recently soloed El Camino in Spain, but there was one trek she had always dreamed of pursuing, even though she never believed she’d have the opportunity –Everest. And while she thought it was unlikely, Noble still had a trip to Everest Base Camp on her bucket list. Then in an email from the adventure travel company she had travelled with in the past, she saw her opportunity. They were offering a significant discount on a trip to Everest Base Camp. She called David, her partner, and made him promise to put down a deposit for her as she was at work. He did, and a year later, she was on her way to Nepal.

Everest Base Camp is not the first Everest memoir I’ve read, nor it will be the last. I’ve also been long fascinated by that mountain range and love reading about the treks others have made in the Himalayas. Noble’s story goes a bit further than many of those I’ve read before. She gets the reader involved in the actual dynamics preparing for her trek, and her day-to-day account of expenses, emotions, and experiences makes her memoir memorable indeed. Everest Base Camp is well-written and a marvellous read for anyone considering a trek to the Base Camp as well as those of us who are armchair explorers and Everest fans. I loved following along as she travelled from Canada to London, to Nepal, and reading her journal entries as she sets out and follows her guide toward Base Camp is captivating. The photographs Catina Noble includes make the reading experience even more profound and involving. And while the author has decided, and wisely I might add, not to seek in future those altitudes which could have easily killed her, I’m looking forward to reading of her other adventures both past and still to come. Everest Base Camp: Close Call is most highly recommended.”

For the price of a coffee from a coffee shop you can download the Kindle version from Amazon.

For the price of a Big Mac Combo from Mc Donald’s you can own the paper back version from Amazon.

Can you tell l am thrilled? I am!

Have a great week!

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Patti Shales Lefkos – Book Promo

Book: Nepal One Day at a Time

Author: Patti Shales Lefkos


A Himalayan adventure travel memoir with a humanitarian twist. 

About to turn sixty-eight, Patti’s life was disintegrating. Leaving behind her injured husband she packs her bags and heads to Nepal. Solo travel forces her to surmount daunting obstacles – both physical and emotional. While trekking in the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang she realizes her strength and determination when she suffers a frightening fall in an isolated cave monastery.

Volunteering in remote Ratmate village presents unforeseen challenges, and a visit to nearby Aprik village offers a life-changing opportunity. Along the way, conversations with fascinating monks, teachers, and entrepreneurs provide insight into how best to serve the children of Nepal.


Patti’s articles have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Macleans, The San Francisco Chronicle, Travelife, Canadian Living, Okanagan Life and Okanagan Woman Magazines. Patti lives with her husband at SilverStar Mountain Resort in British Columbia and on an island north of Kingston, Ontario.

Available at:

Author contact:

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Sunday Check-In

Available on Amazon. Paperback or Kindle and free on KU!

Photo Credit: Brittany Weisrock.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We are celebrating ours tomorrow. Times are different this year but I am still extremely grateful for all that I have.

My Wednesday book promo for author’s is coming along nicely. I am now booking into the new year. I am beyond excited that so many authors have shown interest. I am not getting thousands of hits but I am getting a variety of countries checking out my site. These countries include; Taiwan, Ireland, Germany, Australia, India, Spain, Greece, U.S.A., China and a few other places.

My other website Fiddles & Scribbles is still taking poetry submissions from anywhere in the world. We are now accepting publications that will appear in 2021. Please note we currently only publish one poem per month.

I am also offering book reviews. I only accept one book a month. Please find the blog entry for more information. I am doing it to give author’s a little boost. I know how important it is to have reviews. Once I do the book review on here, I will also leave a review on Amazon.

Best wishes.
Stay true to yourself and keep writing.

Catina Noble

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Suzanne Belliveau – Book Promo

Book: Scrub: How a Simple Soap Saved the Day

Author: Suzanne Belliveau


Scrub loves washing germs away. One day a really nasty virus named Corona shows up. Is this simple soap up to the challenge?

Scrub is a fun story told in rhyming verse that follows a soap bar on his encounter with the coronavirus. It is a good resource to open the discussion about the virus and the importance of washing hands with soap to prevent its spread.

Author Bio:

Suzanne Belliveau grew up in Moncton, NB. She spent much of her career working in international development and living in Latin America. She continues to work on social, development, and environmental issues from Ottawa, On while raising two kids. Scrub is her first published children’s book.

Available at:

CanamBooks at:

Author Contact: and

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Now Accepting Books for Reviews!

That’s right. Do you have a book that was published in the last year? Do you want someone to review it? I might review it. So how will it work?

-submissions will be ongoing

-I will accept one book a month

-the book has to be digital

-the book has to have been published within the last year

-any genre

-I will read one chapter of the book and decide whether or not I will be doing a review, if the book doesn’t interest me, it’s not fair to either one of us.

-preference will be given to indy authors

-book length must be 200 pages or less

-I will post the review on and on here on the 1st of the month (unless it falls on a Wednesday then it will be the following day as to not interfere with Book Promo Wednesdays)

-please allow 4-6 weeks after submitting your book for a response

-send submissions to: with BOOK REVIEW listed in the subject line.

Best wishes.

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Everest Base Camp: Close Call

My book is finally out! It is available in digital and paperback form. Reviews are starting to come in, which is great. Reviews are extremely important to writers.

Here is one of the reviews from a fan of mine named Jacki Hopper who has been with me since a story of mine Moving Forward was published in 2013 in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Reader’s Choice 20th Anniversary Edition.

Review by Jacki Hopper:

“From the very first sentence in this book, I was hooked, alongside for her journey. Throughout the story, I felt riveted, felt her fear, warmth, determination, and all else in between. The fact that she embarked on such an unknown territory on many levels both personal and physical and though her ultimate dream didn’t quite come to fruition as hoped, I believe a greater purpose in mind indeed occurred. The book had me on edge. At one point, you could sense the adrenalin as though you were actually present with her experiencing this once in a lifetime adventure. Noble’s constant ability to be so honest, real and relatable is a rare gift that only a few possess in their creative endeavours.” -Jacki Hopper.

Other News

Starting Wednesday October 7th, 2020 I will be featuring a book along with the author on this webpage. This will help promote the work of other authors and I can get to know some of the other writers.

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Book News

So it’s here! The Kindle version is now up. If you have Kindle Unlimited it is FREE. My book on my adventures on Everest Everest Base Camp: Close Call. I am very excited. I have two great reviews that I believe sum up my book beautifully!

Everest Base Camp: Close Call is a gripping and fascinating story about Everest told from the perspective of a brave woman who openly shares the triumph and disappointments of reaching for a dream. Catina Noble pulls the reader in with the warmth from a stove in the dining room at a teahouse, the humorous attempts at using squat toilets, the delicious comfort food and the kindnesss of the people of Nepal in contrast with the achingly cold conditions and uncertainty felt on her trek. With vivid and absorbing passages, Noble offers a heartfelt reminder that the journey is as important as the dream itself.” – Sonia Saikaley, author of the The Allspice Bath

“The latest of Cat’s Journals, Everest Base Camp: Close Call speaks to all of us who long for the courage to take a giant leap past our comfort zone to follow our bucket list of dreams. Catina Noble’s story is a cautionary tale and an intimate glimpse of the all-too-real dangers of trekking at altitude in the Nepal Himalayas. It is a is riveting account of the bravery, perseverance, and fortitude necessary to overcome both the physical and emotional challgenges of the grueling trek to Everest Base Camp. I was with her every exhilarating, frightening, and joyful step of the way.” -Patti Shales Lefkos, author of Nepal One Day at a Time

The print version will be up shortly. Enjoy and as always the best way to support writers is by leaving a review after reading the book.

Best wishes and see you Sunday!

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Sunday Check In

I am going to try and post on Sunday’s so everyone can keep up to date with my latest writing projects.

I have some news on the writing front. The first is that my book Everest Base Camp: Close Call will be out shortly. I can’t believe it’s almost here. My eighth book! I also have another book coming out after that about my adventures on the El Camino trail, this book will be out toward the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Along with writing, I will be teaching a a course called Writing for Enjoyment. This course will focus on just writing, not on spelling or grammar so is great for anyone who likes to write. The course will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00-2:30 pm at the Overbrook Community Centre at 33 Quill street. I will provide the final dates, cost and course code to register, next weekend. Registration doesn’t start until October 5th, 2020.

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