Moving Forward

Hello! Sorry this site has not been kept up to date over the last couple of months. Besides the pandemic, I have a lot of other obstacles that have been thrown my way and I was still recovering from my near death experience in Nepal (December 2019).

The good news is I am feeling much better now and hope to get Fiddles & Scribbles back on track. I already have a couple of poets lined up! So when will you see some new material? July 1st.

Keep sending your emails and poetry submissions. I look forward to reading them.

If I have not responded to an email you have sent, my apologies and please follow up.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Wishes.

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Best Wishes 2020 & Update

Welcome to 2020!

In my last post I mentioned I was counting down to my trip to Neapl – hiking up to
Everest Base Camp. I did get to go to Nepal.

I traveled from Ottawa, to London, to Muscat to Kathmandu and arrived on Wednesday November 20th. I spent two days exploring on my own, going to the Garden of Dreams and to the Monkey’s Temple. I met my team, five other people on November 22. The following day, the 23 we took the plane to Lukla and started our hike. From Lukla on, our oxygen levels would be tested each night to make sure we were in good health and could continue higher up to base camp.

Saturday December 1, the day we were to make it up to Everest Base Camp. Our guide mentioned it would take us between seven to nine hours to get to Base Camp and back to the tea house where we would spend the night. We had been warned that by the time we actually reached Base Camp our oxygen level would normally drop to 70%. Which is low and could be potentially dangerous. The plan was to spend anywhere from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes taking photos at Base Camp and then we would start hiking back down.

That morning we woke up and geared up. It was just like in the movies. Outside was pitch black, cold and crisp. Everyone donned their headlamps and dressed in layers. We had two guides, a guide and an assistant. The Assistant Guide lead the group. The Guide stayed back. The first half hour was okay. After that, the other five members of my team were ahead of me. I kept going. About an hour later the guide stopped for a small break and to drink water. I did the same. I felt okay but extremely slow moving and felt like my energy was being sucked out of me.

The guide stared at me for a minute. He asked to check my oxygen levels. I said okay. Checking oxygen levels only required putting a small gadget on my finger. He showed me the results. I held my breath for a minute. This was not good. With at least another four hours or more hiking ahead of me, my oxygen levels had already dropped to 55%. This was dangerous. The guide explained, he could not risk my life. It was not worth risking my life just for a photo op. While I understood this, it was still extremely frustrating. I just kept thinking of my kids and loved ones back home. There was no other option. I had to get to a lower altitude as soon as possible. I had to start hiking back down.

It took me three hours to hike what had previously taken me an hour and a half. I ate, had water and rested for an hour. Then I continued hiking on for another three hours where I ate and rested for another hour. My oxygen levels were monitored at each stop point and they kept improving the lower we went. By that evening I was fine. The next day I continued hiking to lower ground and even joined up with my other five team members.

My trip was quite the journey and I plan on writing a book about my entire experience. So close! I made it to about 5,000 metres – just past Lobuche. Everest Base Camp is 5364 metres. While I did not make it to Base Camp, I accomplished so much and am extremely proud of how far I did make it. I have a fear of heights and managed to cross six suspension bridges. I almost fainted but I still did it. I can cross another item of my bucket list – visit Everest!

I just got back from Nepal a couple weeks ago so am recovering from that and the holidays.

Wishing you all the best for 2020.

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Blink – Time Flies

Wow how time flies! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I dropped a few lines here. Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time, or should I say, made, the time to write. Things are always popping up. By nature I like to always help out and what not, I find it hard to say no. Perhaps I should put that on my list for the New Year – Try to say “no” more often and “make” time to write 🙂

I suppose some of you might be wondering what I have been up to? Glad  you asked because I am sure those of you who know me personally are getting tired of hearing about my upcoming adventure. I don’t travel often but when I do, guaranteed, it is always interesting.

Where am I going this time? E-V-E-R-E-S-T. Yep. I can hardly believe it myself. No worries, this wasn’t something I did on impulse. Well, not really. It’s not like I woke up one day last week and decided I was going. I actually put the deposit on the trip LAST November and slowly started making plans. So the plan is to hike up to Everest Base Camp. I  am going with a group, with Intrepid Travel. I used them last year when I went to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

The last few weeks have been busy gathering stuff,  finding out more information, making arrangements while I am gone and letting panic set in.

I leave in 17 days and 5 hours.

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Tag Team

A couple of weeks ago I saw a call out from a local community health centre. They were looking for artists to propose different pieces of permanent art for display at their newly renovated centre. My passion is writing and mixed media. I am definitely more known when it comes to my writing (which is good because it’s my first passion and what keeps me breathing every day) but I do teach Jr. Art through Christie Lake Kids STAR program (this fall will be my 6th year) and I have had a few solo art shows. I have sold more than a dozen original paintings and been involved in other exhibitions as well.

I decided I had a couple of good ideas but needed someone with more experience and who had already established themselves as an artist, enter Jeannette Tossounian. I had met Jeannette  previously for another art exhibit and felt like we had clicked. Not to mention she had written a couple of books, including “Human Kennel” which I had thoroughly enjoyed.

Jeannette has had several exhibitions and even Senator Kim Pate has one of her paintings. Her murals are always breathtaking, her art speaks volumes and her life sized sculptures make you stop and think.

I contacted Jeannette and told her about my idea of us teaming up to come up with an artist proposal. She was on board and excited about the idea. Over the last couple weeks we visited the centre to get a grasp of the layout, came up with a few ideas, went back and forth. Finally, it was time to hand in the proposal. Done.  Now the other hard part (besides spending hours of energy on something that may turn into absolutely nothing or something completely incredible) begins-waiting to see IF we get the proposal or not. Of course it would be amazing if we did but either way, I have built a deeper relationship with a fellow artist and writer and I have learned a lot about writing art proposal and working as part of a team.

Check out Jeannette’s website at:


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My first full collection of poetry titles “Katzenjammer” is available on Amazon.

Here is a review from another writer, Sherrill Wark:

“Raw courage exudes from the poetry of Catina Noble. Many of the poems in Katzenjammer will evoke a strange familiarity — not in the words themselves but in the emotions they dredge up — for any reader who has experienced a less-than-perfect relationship.” — Sherrill Wark, author of Death in l’Acadie: a Kesk8a story.__Catina Noble’s collection of poetry in Katzenjammer spans from a couple of years ago to her most recent work. Included in this eclectic collection is her poem “You Can’t See Me”, which won 1st Place in the Canadian Author’s Association–NCR Poetry contest in May 2014. Her poems are raw, without fluff, tingle with hope and every-day struggles. No matter the age, gender or circumstance in life, each person who reads this book will be able to identify with Catina and her poetry. Although she has three chapbooks in print Pussyfoot (2013), Clean Up In Aisle 4 (2014) and Odds & Ends (2014), this is her first full-length collection.”

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Who Me?

To be honest, I am never sure where my writing dreams and my quest for adventures are going to take me. Last week I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in front of a video camera with a mini mic attached to me. I chatted along as I was recorded. This could turn into nothing. Or it could turn into a documentary. I really don’t know at this point so for now all I can say is that just the opportunity to chat and possibly BE in a documentary is kind of exciting! Of course I will keep you posted.

Reach for your dreams.

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Snippets for Stories

Every so often I am asked where I get my story ideas from or it seems like I have “personal knowledge” of a particular scene I have written. Truth be told I collect “snippets” from my every day life. I jot down notes to use them in a story or poem at a later point in time.

For example tonight I’m spending the night at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, my own city. I have taken down a few notes and snapped a few quick pics. This might very well end up as a scene in one of my books down the road. You just never know. If you want to become a writer or are starting out, this might be something to keep in mind. A few minutes worth of notes now could end up being pages or an entire setting for a novel or another piece of writing down the road!

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Fiddles & Scribbles

I am also the Managing Editor of Fiddles & Scribbles. For now we just publish poetry. We started publishing one poem a month on the 1st of each month. The first time was August 1st-just a couple of days ago. We currently only publish work by poets who reside in Canada. It doesn’t pay a lot but it does pay $10.00 CAD.

For poets wanting to submit, you can check our submission guidelines here

At first I was nervous that we wouldn’t receive a single submission and nothing we would be published for our first “issue” on August 1st. I am happy to say that this was not the case. Currently we have a poem by John Sweeney “Guernica in Crayon” posted. We have submissions coming in. Woot woot!

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Pretty Flowers

A couple pictures from the Lincoln Park Zoo.

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Lincoln Park Zoo

A couple pictures from the Zoo. In the middle, a picture of David and I.

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