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Ruth Latta-Author

Ruth Latta’s most recent book is the young adult novel, The Songcatcher and Me, about a teenaged girl who helps a folk song collector and gains a broader perspective which changes her life. A reviewer in Ottawa Parent magazine wrote that The Songcatcher and Me is the “kind of book you’ll feel good about buying for the young person in your life.” For further information about this novel and Ruth’s other books, please visit


Over the past twenty-five years, Ruth Latta has published numerous articles, short stories and poems, along with sixteen books, which include biographies/histories, mainstream novels for adults, a mystery series and two young adult novels, with a third, Grace and the Secret Vault, to be published in 2017. She lives in Ottawa with her husband and their cat.


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Katzenjammer is still available on and or you can contact me for  a signed copy via email-!!! Feel free to check out the reviews on Amazon!



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Louise Fisher Sanscartier-Artist

Je suis une Artiste Peintre depuis 10ans déjà. Je suis de la grande région de l’Outaouais. Depuis toujours les couleurs mon toujours fasciner, les formes etc. Je ne pensais pas qu’un jour je développerais un profond intérêt pour cette Art. Alors en 2005 j’ai pris ma retraite et j’ai sorti mes pinceaux. J’ai un immense plaisir à colorer mes tableaux que je remplie de couleurs. J’adore m’exprimer au travers mes toiles. Je suis heureuse aujourd’hui d’avoir laissé mes pinceaux me guider. Je fais de L’Abstrait, Art Moderne, Art naïf, j’aime tous les arts. J’expose avec une grande fierté, j’aime ce que je fais, alors en espérant que vous allez aimer mes toiles bon visionnement à vous tous.




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Change of Dates

I have done a bit of organizing and have changed the dates for the author/artist promo’s. So on the 1st of each month will be the artist promo and on the 15th of each month will be the author’s promo.

This should make things a little more spaced out and easier to follow schedule wise.

This means tomorrow, a new artist promo will go up! Come back tomorrow to check it out!


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Author-Sherrill Wark

Sherrill Wark (2)

Sherrill Wark




REFUGE - front cover


Sherrill Wark is an editor who designs print/digital books for indie authors. She’s the author of: Really Stupid Writing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them (non-fiction); Transplanted Heads: Your Muse Can’t Write Worth Sh*t (blog); Death in l’Acadie: a Kesk8a story (historical fiction and the first in a planned 6-book series about life and often violent death in Acadia between 1670–1755 from the 1st Person viewpoint of a Mi’qmaw woman); Mostly of Love & the Perils Thereof: The Sequel and The Closet Hides a Set of Stairs (poetry). Under her pseudonym Christina Crowe, she has published A Girl Dog’s Breakfast, scary stories and rude poems and The Unkindest Cut: Short Creepy Movie Scripts. Sherrill is also a screenwriter and has finished three screenplays: The Soul Eaters (Sci-Fi), Skin Eater (serial killer stuff), and The Bus to Lo Siento (drama) which landed in the top 10% (out of 600) in the 2013 Oaxaca Film Fest.

On her paternal grandmother’s side, she is an Acadian descendant of Claude Guidry and Marguerite Petitpas.


“It always helps if you put your fears out on the blanket in front of you so you can see them for what they really are.” — Keskoua, Refuge in l’Acadie: a Kesk8a story by Sherrill Wark


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Book Sales!

So printed copies of my book arrived last week!!! So very exciting.

I have already sold a few copies with a request that I sign the copies. I love it when people ask me to sign their book, it just makes it extra special! I don’t think I will ever get tired of signing my own books…

Here is another excerpt from my book I’M GLAD I DIDN’T KILL MYSELF by Catina Noble

“Why can’t I just be happy? I just want to be happy. At school it’s pretty simple. I can’t explain. Not even the things I like bring me happiness anymore. I just want to be happy. My boyfriend tries but somehow he’s going about it the wrong way. After what happened today I don’t think I can keep/make him happy. How come I find it hard to be happy? Probably for the same reason why I try hard at a lot of things and I don’t succeed.”

Available on Amazon OR you can contact me at



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