Sheila E. Tucker – Book Promo

Book: Rag Dolls and Rage

Author: Sheila E. Tucker


Rag Dolls and Rage is the true story of a small child who lived with grandparents and teenaged aunts near the English seaside. Her happy life consisted of hugs, sandcastles and helping Nana to bake. However, at age four, her mother returned and took her away. A man her mother insisted she call “Daddy” abused Sheila.  Eventually, an aunt rescued her. This is Sheila’s coming-of-age journey through fear and brokenness, towards peace and love. She grew up and travelled the world to escape her past, before finally revisiting the painful memories, seeking therapy and writing this powerful memoir of hope.


Sheila E. Tucker is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society. She is also editor-in-chief of an upcoming anthology for Toronto’s Heliconian Club for Women in the Arts and Letters. Previously, she worked for an international company for eighteen years as an editor and graphic designer. Before moving to Canada, Sheila travelled the world for a decade, working in a kibbutz near Haifa, as a nanny in Belgium, a barmaid in Spain and a farmhand in a Lancashire quail farm. She thrived on adventure. Sheila now lives in Oakville with her husband. Her hobbies include gardening, painting, writing and reading.


Amazon in print or e-book. Chapters Indigo as Kobo e-book.

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