Seymour Hamilton – Book Promo

Book: Angel’s Share

Author: Seymour Hamilton


Angel is a young able seaman aboard a three-masted schooner, when a charismatic leader needs his help to transport five men, more than a dozen women and their children to an abandoned fort. They all hope to escape the breakdown of society in a community guided by faith, hope and loyalty. Among the children is a girl with sea-bright eyes and her little sister. More than twenty years later, Angel returns in his own ship to find out how they all fared, triggering a spate of murderous violence that threatens to destroy the little community and Angel with it.The action of Angel’s Share takes place prior to The Astreya Trilogy.


Seymour Hamilton was born in London in 1941 during an air raid. He lived in Mauritius from 1945 to 1949, when his family moved to Ottawa. In 1973, he earned a PhD on American Science fiction from Queen’s University, Kingston.  He  taught at several Canadian universities and worked as an editor/writer for government.  In 2011 he completed The Astreya Trilogy: the adventures of Astreya, a young man searching for his identity in the context of his nautical family’s mysterious past. Seymour returned to the same imaginative universe for River of Stones (2019)and Angel’s Share (2020)


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