Kofi Antwi – Book Promo

Book: Tidal Wave

Author: Kofi Antwi


he writing in tidal wave explores one’s identity, the visceral display of subconscious ramifications — bending the abstract ploy of truth, and what lays the foundation of corruption. The author’s writing encompasses a lyrical approach — as it breaks conventional forms. 

The author reimagines language through poetic expressions — adjacent to its rangy syntax, returning the objective placement of rhythmic science. Tidal Wave is a thematic approach to recreating wavelength patterns, and finds oneself, amongst shoulders of writers who have crafted avenues for contemporary writers.


Kofi Antwi, is a writer, English professor, and graduate of the Writers Foundry MFA Creative Writing program. He was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island by parents of Ghanaian descent. Kofi’s writing has been published by, Great Weather For Media, Agbowo, No, Dear, NYSAI, Ninalem, and Rigorous. Kattywompus Press published Kofi’s debut poetry chapbook Tidal Wave. Kofi has contributed as a guest editor of Breadcrumbs Mag, an assistant editor at Wisconsin English Journal, and nominated for Best Poem on The Web by Rise Up.


Available on Amazon

Author’s Website: https://www.kofiantwi.net

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