Xi Nan & Fish Lu – Book Promo

Book: With Light & Dust

Authors: Xi Nan & Fish Lu


With Light and Dust is a poetry volume bringing together Xi Nan and Fish Lu, two of the finest minds in contemporary Chinese literature. Comprising four different poetry selections, from Xi Nan’s account of living in northern China in “1303” to Fish Lu’s examination of modern mundanity in “Fire Hydrant,” With Light and Dust explores urban living, cultural change, and beauty from a non-Western lens.

With Light and Dust is the English-language poetry debut of Xi Nan and Fish Lu. This edition of the book was translated by Xi Nan and features a preface from both authors.


Xi Nan (西楠), born in China, writes and translates, Whale Studio indie publisher, author of different genres. Latest translation work: 207th Bone(authored by Zhou Li, published by Simi Press). Her Twitter: @XiNan_WhaleStu ; Her FB: https://www.facebook.com/xinan.writes

Fish Lu (鲁鱼), poet, author of experimental texts, Whale Studio indie publisher, author of four books; some works of his are translated and published in English. His Twitter: @FishLu_WhaleStu ; His FB: https://www.facebook.com/fish.lu.1004/


Available on Amazon

Author’s Blog: https://xfish.wordpress.com

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