Joseph Benavidez – Book Promo

Book: Case W-467: A Book of Poetry

Author: Joseph Benavidez


Case W-467 is a book of poetry exploring writer Joseph Benavidez’s emotional journey of seeking a restraining order against his violent and unstable brother, and the aftermath of coming to terms with said brother’s death. Subjects include poems about being in a courthouse, writing an obituary, and frustrations of family relationships. Unique to Case W-467, the collection also includes a full transcript of the trial.


Joseph Benavidez is a proud cat daddy who enjoys taking photos, sleeping until noon, and hugging Tyler Hoechlin. In early 2018, he published his first book of poetry which can be found at He hopes to meet Chris Evans before turning 40 and can be found on Twitter at @BenavidezPoetry. 


Available on Amazon

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I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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