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Book: Variations sans palais

Author: Irina Moga


Variations sans palais (Variations without a Palace), published by Éditions  L’Harmattan (France) in 2020 is a collection of poems written by the Canadian writer Irina Moga. 

The volume is divided into three sections: The Lost Journal of Paul de Chomedey, Seigneur de MaisonneuveVariations without a palace and Drowned Alphabet; the book’s central theme is the passage from an old world (filled with enigmatic mirrors and palaces) to a New World, whose background is the emblematic Canadian landscape. 

Drowned Alphabet, inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s poems, is made up of clusters of words meant to act as quanta of poetic images.


Irina Moga is a Canadian writer and the author of five poetry books.

Her poetry collection, “Sea Glass Circe”, was selected for an official book launch through Toronto LitUp! and Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA) in 2020.

Her latest book, ”Variations sans palais”, a collection of poems written in French,  was published by  Éditions L’Harmattan (France) in 2020. 

Irina’s work has appeared in literary magazines in Canada and the US such as US such as “Canadian Literature”, “carte-blanche”, “PRISM International online” and “The Chaffin Journal”.


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