Sharon Berg – Book Promo

Book: Stars in the Junkyard

Author: Sharon Berg


In 124 pages, the book covers 1983 to 2019, a long hiatus from publishing. Maureen Hynes reveals:

Stars in the Junkyard is a book of perceptive truth-telling. With clarity, purpose and skill, Sharon Berg examines losses, traumas, betrayals—both personal and political. Especially precious are the small moments of tenderness in this collection, those between a mother and her child, or between lovers—these are the “stars” glinting in the night darkness over a junkyard, or the “diamonds on black silk.” Berg’s vision extends widely across continents, and is especially compelling and compassionate in her long poem about the 1990 Oka crisis.


Sharon Berg writes poetry, prose and nonfiction. Her latest works are: ‘Stars in the Junkyard’ (poetry, Cyberwit, 2020); ‘Before the Heart Went Down: Selected Poems by Robert Billings with 12 previously uncollected works’ (poetry & memoir, Cyberwit, 2020); ‘Naming the Shadows’ (short fiction, Porcupine’s Quill, 2019); and “The Name Unspoken: Wandering Spirit Survival School’ with Elder Pauline Shirt (cross-genre history, Big Pond Rumours Press, 2019). She founded Big Pond Rumours International Literary E-Zine and her MicroPress published chapbooks of Canadian authors (2006-2019). Previous publications include ‘The Body Labyrinth’ (poetry, Coach House, 1984) and ‘To a Young Horse’ (poetry, Borealis, 1979).


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