Sunday Check-In

Hello! Next weekend I will have a small list of vendors (local authors or artists) for you to browse. Who knows? Maybe you will find some cool gift ideas for the holiday season.

In the mean time, this is what is going on the back cover of my new book, due out December 1, 2020 El Camino on a Wrecked Ankle. Enjoy.

Catina Noble’s Cat’s Journals are anything but notes on an easy life. Once again, Catina Noble takes us on a journey of determination and courage, this time on the El Camino. Alone. With blisters and a twisted ankle.

The guy beside me on the top bunk, Jamie, noticed my ankle. Men­tioned he used to be a doctor and that my ankle looked really bad. He told me, if I weren’t so close to the finish line, he would definitely advise me to stop.
He offered to spray it with some sort of antiseptic stuff that would create a seal all over the blistered area and it would be good for at least twenty-four hours, maybe longer.
That sounded great to me but he also advised me that when he sprayed my ankle, it would hurt like hell for a minute or two so to prepare myself.
I prepared myself.
He didn’t lie to me.
It did hurt.
I screamed into my pillow.

Best wishes everyone and I hope you have a great but safe week!

About Catina Noble

I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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1 Response to Sunday Check-In

  1. Bouncy X says:

    Looking forward to the new book oh yes!

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