Solomon Knight – Book Promo

Book: Evil Lurks in the Dark

Author: Solomon Knight


Evil, Lurks in the Dark, the first in the series about modern day international paladins, is a book overflowing with mystery and fiction. Learn the origins of the International League of Paladins and their raison d’être. Solve the riddle of the Ghost of Grey Man Cottage; Plumb the depths to get to the bottom of the deep dark Secret at Sinister Lake; Death will point its bony finger at a murderer in Coffinrise; and last but certainly no least, join our intrepid adventurers in the quest for the secret to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Author Bio:

Upon retirement from international finances James. D. A. Terry embarked on a new journey into the enigmatic and always interesting realm of the mystery adventure writer. James says, “I love the sound of words, the feel of words on my tongue, the pictures they paint and emotions they evoke.”

Disguised as Solomon Knight, he penned four books in a series about modern day paladins and under his own name he wrote “Chasing the Wendigo”.


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