Anita Dolman – Book Promo

Book: Lost Enough: A Collection of Short Stories

Author: Anita Dolman


From broken youth to healing seniors, from love lost to relationships found, these stories explore the complicated and uncomfortable while embracing the incredible diversity found in humankind. This dynamic collection touches on cultural distinctions, the LGBTQ+ community, immigration, Indigenous peoples, and the marginalized aspects of society, opening our hearts to what’s lost or yet to be found. Written with style and elegance, this collection of short stories and flash fiction takes you on a journey of discovery. Set against the stark realism of the vast Canadian landscape, each piece highlights life’s compelling moments in the most poignant ways.

“A few writers do menace well. An occasional few do menace exceptionally well. Anita Dolman is one of the latter.”—Jeffrey Round, Lambda Award winner, author of the Dan Sharp mystery series

Author Bio:

Poet, editor and writer Anita Dolman is the author of Lost Enough: A collection of short stories (2017), and co-editor of Motherhood in Precarious Times (2018), an international anthology of poetry and non-fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, including Imaginary Safe House, Arc Poetry MagazineCrushOn SpecTriangulation and Grain. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks. Dolman is a bi rights advocate living on unceded Algonquin territory.


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