Monthly Book Reviews – November

My goal is to do a simple review of two to four books a month. I figure this is a great way to read more and potentially help out other authors. For the book reviews I will give a rating out of 5 stars. I will post the reviews here and on Please note this is my specific system.

* ~ I probably wouldn’t post a review that only had one star because I would not have read very much of the book and would have contacted the author to let them know this was the case.

** ~ I didn’t finish the book for reasons that may include several grammar and spelling errors, mistakes such a character that had blonde hair and now has brown.

***~ I finished the book. There is at least one major element that if changed would improve the quality of the book for the reader. May or may not have a lot of grammar/spelling errors.

****~ Good book. Highly recommend. The story had interesting characters. I enjoyed the book.

****~ Great book. Highly recommend. The book flowed easily, I really enjoyed it, several positive things about the book. A page turner and there is a good chance I read the book in one or two sittings!

Book Title: Chasing the Wendigo

Author: James D.A. Terry

Rating & Book Review: **** (4 Stars) Enjoyed the characters in this book, especially the main character, Justin Case. He likes to investigate things that seem out of the ordinary. Something is not right but who is really behind all the mystery? Is it really a Wendigo or is that just the scapegoat? Three tales that unfold and seem to be unrelated but are they?

Book Title: Flawless Rebellion

Author: Lynn Hammond

Rating & Book Review: ***** (5 Stars) Great book. Read the entire book in one sitting. Love the main character, Emma. Always waiting to find out what she was up to next. Who would it be; Iker or Az or? Just when it looked like things were starting to be sorted out, another challenge. The book keeps the reader guessing until the end. Highly recommended and I look forward to reading more books from this author.

Book Title: 90 Steps to the Base Camp of Conscious Awareness

Author: Sherrill Wark

Rating & Book Review: ***** (5 Stars) This book is definitely different but in a good way. For 90 days this book will ask you to take just a couple minutes out of your day to tap into thoughts you didn’t even realize were there. You will be surprised at your answers and the questions. One of the challenges itself is to stay true and not peek ahead. Each day is something different and the key is to take each page as it is, just for that moment and then let it go.

Book Title: Loveless Arrow

Author: Lynn Hammond

Rating & Book Review: **** (4 Stars) Victoria’s target is always moving and you never know where her arrow might land. The book is full of beautiful scenery and you feel Victoria’s passion for what she does. Although I am a bit familiar with hunting, this book brought it to life. With each page and twist, I wondered where Victoria would end up, with or without the intended trophy?

Wishing everyone all the best as we step into the cooler weather! Stay safe and healthy.

About Catina Noble

I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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2 Responses to Monthly Book Reviews – November

  1. Bouncy X says:

    Good reviews and that’s a great system I think! If I was a writer I’d definitely have you do a review and return the favour!

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