Sherrill Wark – Book Promo

Book: 90 Steps to the Base Camp of Conscious Awareness

Author: Sherrill Wark


Anybody who wants to mess his/her head up real bad, get this book. It’s Sherrill Wark’s latest. It will only mess your head up if you follow the directions, though. If you don’t follow the directions, there’s no point in using the book. (P.S. The messed-up head leads to a non-messed up spirit by the end of the 90 “Mission Impossibles.”)

Author Bio:

In 1973, Sherrill Wark joined a New Age group that promoted conscious awareness through daily automatic writing, personal dream analysis, and meditation. Her understanding of and compassion for others soared, she taught classes, and thirteen years later, came out of it very much aware of her own thought processes. “Today,” she says, “many turn to external media to distract themselves from their inner voices.” Sherrill hopes 90 Steps to the Base Camp of Conscious Awareness may offer a solution for dispelling the unfounded fears that lurk within us all, within some more than others.

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