Patti Shales Lefkos – Book Promo

Book: Nepal One Day at a Time

Author: Patti Shales Lefkos


A Himalayan adventure travel memoir with a humanitarian twist. 

About to turn sixty-eight, Patti’s life was disintegrating. Leaving behind her injured husband she packs her bags and heads to Nepal. Solo travel forces her to surmount daunting obstacles – both physical and emotional. While trekking in the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang she realizes her strength and determination when she suffers a frightening fall in an isolated cave monastery.

Volunteering in remote Ratmate village presents unforeseen challenges, and a visit to nearby Aprik village offers a life-changing opportunity. Along the way, conversations with fascinating monks, teachers, and entrepreneurs provide insight into how best to serve the children of Nepal.


Patti’s articles have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Macleans, The San Francisco Chronicle, Travelife, Canadian Living, Okanagan Life and Okanagan Woman Magazines. Patti lives with her husband at SilverStar Mountain Resort in British Columbia and on an island north of Kingston, Ontario.

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