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A couple of weeks ago I saw a call out from a local community health centre. They were looking for artists to propose different pieces of permanent art for display at their newly renovated centre. My passion is writing and mixed media. I am definitely more known when it comes to my writing (which is good because it’s my first passion and what keeps me breathing every day) but I do teach Jr. Art through Christie Lake Kids STAR program (this fall will be my 6th year) and I have had a few solo art shows. I have sold more than a dozen original paintings and been involved in other exhibitions as well.

I decided I had a couple of good ideas but needed someone with more experience and who had already established themselves as an artist, enter Jeannette Tossounian. I had met Jeannette  previously for another art exhibit and felt like we had clicked. Not to mention she had written a couple of books, including “Human Kennel” which I had thoroughly enjoyed.

Jeannette has had several exhibitions and even Senator Kim Pate has one of her paintings. Her murals are always breathtaking, her art speaks volumes and her life sized sculptures make you stop and think.

I contacted Jeannette and told her about my idea of us teaming up to come up with an artist proposal. She was on board and excited about the idea. Over the last couple weeks we visited the centre to get a grasp of the layout, came up with a few ideas, went back and forth. Finally, it was time to hand in the proposal. Done.  Now the other hard part (besides spending hours of energy on something that may turn into absolutely nothing or something completely incredible) begins-waiting to see IF we get the proposal or not. Of course it would be amazing if we did but either way, I have built a deeper relationship with a fellow artist and writer and I have learned a lot about writing art proposal and working as part of a team.

Check out Jeannette’s website at: https://tossounianart.com/


About Catina Noble

I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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1 Response to Tag Team

  1. David says:

    That’s so awesome! Crossing everything to make sure you’re chosen!

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