Vacancy at the Food Court & Other Short Stories

Here is an excerpt from my story Counting Crows. I will be posting a couple of paragraphs over the  next few days until the entire story is posted here. Hope you enjoy. To order a copy of my book and check out the other cool short stories in this book, go to

Counting Crows

Mika, Tess’s girlfriend, was getting married. A few days before the wedding Tess had gone out with the rest of the wedding party for a night on the town, one last fling before Mika tied the knot. It was all Mika’s fault.

Tess and the wedding party had gone to a strip club. Everyone had been drinking. the next morning, he was checking FB and found it – a picture of Tess sitting, laughing, enjoying the male dancer grinding himself close to her. That was it. He didn’t even ask if anything had happened between the two of them. She was at work when he first saw the pic. so he did the sensible thing. He blew off work that day. He drank beer after beer. By the time she got home he had emptied an entire 24 by  himself waiting until she arrived so they could have a little chat.

That’s all he wanted to do. Talk about that night, the night the photo was taken. After all, he was her boyfriend. He had a right to know what happened. He would simply ask and she would tell him. It would all be a misunderstanding and then they would kiss and make up. Plus there would be a good chance he would get laid afterward. It sounded like a fail-proof plan to him.

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I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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  1. David says:

    That’s a very cool idea!!

    And great story of course!!

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