Katzenjammer-Review by Phyllis Bohonis

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Katzenjammer-Do you have your copy or are you missing out???


Ms. Noble’s poetry is well written from a place deep within. She has a compelling way of drawing the reader inside to experience the pain of that place, the utter desolation, the challenge of healing.

The eclectic nature of Katzenjammer is an engaging read not only for those who have experienced the darker side of humanity but also for those who can appreciate the experience of life itself in all its enigmatic transparency.

Phyllis Bohonis, Author of Fire in the Foothills, The Wilderness, Tomorrow’s Promise, and Helen Whittaker – first book in the 73 Windsor series.

About Catina Noble

I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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1 Response to Katzenjammer-Review by Phyllis Bohonis

  1. Bouncy X says:

    what a great review, can’t say how proud i am of seeing this happen!! you rock xoxoxoxx

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