The Crazy Lady’s Journal by Joanne D. Samson

One of the many perks about being creative, particularly as a writer or as an artist, you get to meet amazing people. It happens to me quite often! In fact a couple of weeks ago my friend, Sherrill Wark ( at Crowe Creations posted a flyer about her good friend Joanne D. Samson. Joanne was having a signing for her book “The Crazy Lady’s Journal – Open Heart, Broken Heart & Cancer.


by Joanne D. Samson

I stopped by to purchase her book (I mean just the title itself is intriguing). I even managed to get mine signed. It’s a small book at 91 pages, but the impact on the reader is not small at all. I read the book right after we met, the same day. The book makes you think….

A quote from the back cover-

” So this book is for you, thanks to him. “Accomplish your dreams, my darling,” he said. Without dreams there’s no hope and without hope there’s no life. Help those who have forgotten that they are worth something to themselves first, then to others, on this planet.”

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1 Response to The Crazy Lady’s Journal by Joanne D. Samson

  1. Bouncy X says:

    Yup yup, she was a very nice lady and i can attest to the book’s power….i sat next to you as you read it all within 40ish minutes!!! 🙂

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