Letter’s Project Update

It has been awhile since I have done an update on my ‘Letters Project’. Today is Mother’s Day and I am counting my blessings, the best being my four children, Jacob, Anne, Baileigh, Nathen and my partner David.

I am impressed, with myself, that I’ve managed to keep this project going. It hasn’t always been easy with other commitments, deciding who will get a letter each month and of course, a variety of other factors.

The letter for March went out to Julie who is an amazing teacher and has fueled my creative journey in a variety of ways.

The letter for April went out to Carole Moult, my editor at Riverview Park Review. When a variety of other publications wouldn’t even respond to my emails (cripes, I even applied to work for FREE to places that were hiring just to gain experience), Carole gave me a chance, the encouragement I needed and plenty of laughs a long the way. April’s Letter was a little different because it was published in the April issue of Riverview Park Review, in print and online. Feel free to check it out at http://www.riverviewparkreview.ca/ on page 50.

It is hard to believe my project is almost over. Only May, June, July and August remain. I better get working on the letter for May!

About Catina Noble

I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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1 Response to Letter’s Project Update

  1. David says:

    It’s been a very cool, unique and amazing project! I know everyone who was privileged to receive one is very greatful and appreciative of the project, the act and just the good feelings it brought about to be included! You’re amazing and you rock!! 🙂 xoxox

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