Odds & Ends Chapbook Review by Laura DeLeon

Review of my Chapbook Odds & Ends by Laura DeLeon

Looking into the heart and soul of the poet, pouring over her words like water to the draught, this brilliant collection of poems bespeaks volumes.  This pint-size book is a modest book of strange proportions and prosaic elliptical matter, fully grounded in reality, yet intimate and jarring.  There is something to be said about the brevity and economy of words.  All eight poems are living breathing entities unto themselves and remain fully succinct, each bearing their own truth, nature, wisdom and virtue.  Love reveals herself as a mantra in Breathe, through tenderness, a gentle touch revered by a lover as personified by the wind.   A shortness of breath is “a reminder”, a momentary lapse in reason whereby one can veritably taste the sweetness of the first kiss.  Sometimes the Curtain Calls is a brief synopsis and a symbiosis of regret, life and death.  Cancer takes the form of a metaphor as the shape-shifter of death.  It is of life or death sentence of a performance that takes place on stage.  The urgency and immediacy of life in the face of death encourges one to ponder the true meaning of “Progress and hope/For/A new beginning.”  The inherent need to live one’s life accordingly and the desire to search for spiritual sanctity through words form the base of the poem, Running Shoes.  Death once again is hallowed and vitality runs deep in a juxtapositioning of metaphor words and similie.  Having written a great body of work, “Hundreds of journal entries/Dedicated with ink to you,” burning a light to the soul, as would an effigy,  “Light a match I beg/I need to scream if/Only to be burnt to ash.”  An insatiable need to be kept at bay, through a journey into darkness to find the light house on a dark night of the soul, is the essence of the poem Tempests.  A poem of acceptance of challenges, fate and circumstance, one may learn to bend whichever way the wind blows.  Where “the winds of  change/command me/to enlighten myself”.  Escape is a poem expressly of the spirit.  Born of the air, “My soul soars like the Peregrine Falcon,” henceforth giving metaphorical meaning and significance to the majestic creature representing triumph of the spirit, alluding to the strength and beauty of the soul of nature evoked through the poem.  In A Stranger Inside, the innermost voice of the spirit is beckoned to prevent disorder from happening, to preside over the body, tend to its special needs being a comfort to the soul.  Symbolic of “the blanket”, the soul “has been pulled/quickly from underneath me.”  Now to restore one’s safety, sense of security, peace and well being, one must choose to listen.  In parting words, these poems fulfill a greater purpose to humanity that may be foreign to some, those who have not stared death straight in the eye.  Others may find their simplicity, sincerity, articulation of thought and meaning to their liking.  Furthermore, it is an angelic attempt at writing and conquering fear, for having faith so shall your blessings be.  Chapbooks are available for $5 per copy (if it has to be mailed out, $4 if not ) http://www.catinanoble@wordpress.com.




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  1. Bouncy X says:

    that;s an amazing, in depth and great review of your work. i’m forever proud of you and always excited to see these things happen. always nice to see others recognize the amazingness that is you!! 😉 xoox

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