Guest Blog: CC Trubiak: Music/Photography/Writing

CC Trubiak: Music/Photography/Writing

If you’re a creative person like me, perhaps you can relate when I say there is never enough time to work on the projects tugging at your interest. Whether you’re a writer, painter, sculptor, photographer or musician, what have you – how many times do you hear yourself say “If only I just had some time to sit down and work on that piece…”? Personally, I find myself having these thoughts often, and in fact I can think of a handful of my creative friends who relate to the topic of time management themselves.

The other day I was on the phone with a girlfriend of mine, Catherine, who is a mother of two. She is also a full time teacher and her husband works out of town for up to 4-6 weeks at a time, leaving her with a big responsibility at home. I should also note that she is one of the most incredible artists I have known in my life; painting and pottery, all created with such a natural gift its amazing to me. Inspiring:

She said “There are so many things I want to work on yet I feel guilty because I’m not doing them. Then I feel guilty because when I do attempt to make time for my creative self, there is always something stopping me – home responsibilities, or my work … this committee or that piano lesson I have to take Sadie to…”

Similarly, another friend of mine, Aileen who is also a mother of two – said this to me, regarding her feelings on the topic of creativity and identity: “Sometimes I am so busy as a mom that I rarely get the chance to sit down and write those song lyrics that have been tugging at me for days… I’ll realize it’s been weeks since I’ve even picked up my guitar because as soon as I do I have a child who needs me to be a mom…. The longer I go without being creative the more and more disconnected to my artistic self I feel…”

Even though I do not have children I fully relate to and appreciate both of my friends points: it’s a challenge in itself, when you’re a creative person, to find that healthy balance of work and play. I work full time as a counselor and I live at home with my partner and even still, I strive to maintain that balance of work and play.

I certainly relate to Aileen when she talks about feeling disconnected to that creative side of herself occasionally. After all, in our lives we each occupy so many roles: parent, friend, partner, co-worker, boss, sibling, etc. Each ‘hat’ we wear is an important one, and it would make sense that sometimes you can’t wear that ‘creative hat’ until your other priorities are balanced and managed. Nevertheless, that creative part of our beings is very integral to who we are and it represents with equal importance.

The key word IS balance; there is no way I would be able to work full time in mental health and not have an outlet for my own well being. Likewise, there’s no way I could spend 100% of my time devoted to my music, without being a poor and starving artist! I need to pay the bills and so the only thing I can strive to do is achieve a sense of balancing the best of both worlds. It” a work in progress for all of us I imagine, but the benefit of that trial and error, is that eventually we are able to make it work.

For example; when I am not working 9-5 in mental health, I am scheduling ‘play dates’ with my other musician friends; after all, an enjoyable component of my creative process includes being able to connect with other like-minded thinkers so naturally I have to be wise and conscientious of other peoples time and work together with them to ensure that we get to see each other at least every couple of weeks. If possible, I also like to get a day of rest within all of this too – I want to see my family and enjoy down time at home where so much of my creativity is kept.

Recently I’ve got my sights set on recording a third album of music and this project is something that really excites me creatively; however I am very aware of time management and the challenge of being realistic. Some projects just take a great deal of time and process, particularly if you want them to achieve a specific goal. Some days I am really sensitive and I feel as though I’m not getting anywhere, and the follow-through will go nowhere. Other days, or moments I feel a burst of inspiration and optimism that with patience, I can and will see this ‘vision’ of mine come to life. With balance, time and patience I do trust I can be my creative self and also manage the rest of my life in the meantime!

In essence – I know a lot of folks will relate to this topic; whatever our creative hat is, we also wear other hats in our lives and each of us looks for a feeling of connectedness to who we are and what we love.

“Tiny Army” The D. Holmes Sessions is available through !Tunes and through CC’s website. Follow CC on Twitter and Facebook.

CC Trubiak is a singer/songwriter, and published photographer living in Flin Flon, Manitoba. Check out his website for more information.


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2 Responses to Guest Blog: CC Trubiak: Music/Photography/Writing

  1. Bouncy X says:

    very good post!! and i can totally see how you my Catina can totally relate to that as i’ve seen you express similar often! and to your credit you still manage to create great and amazing work as i’m sure C.C. and everyone else can attest to as well as me!! 🙂

  2. Catina Noble says:

    Yes, creative people sometimes share a few similarities. CC is super talented and inspires others, especially me.

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