Setting Goals

Setting goals is important. So is celebrating your success once you have reached that goal. At the beginning of 2012 I decided my goal was to reach 100 publications. These publications would include my photography, articles, poetry and short stories. I figured if I had 100 publications in various places and had variety it would set a good foundation for my writing career.

In April of 2012 I celebrated 50 publications. To celebrate the halfway mark, my best friend, David took me out for a special dinner, gifts, a cake and the icing- he had  my 50th publication framed with a big “50” on it.  It was a good moment and I was glad I had someone special to share it with.

On December 1st of 2012, my editor Carole from the Riverview Park Review community newspaper came to my house personally to drop off the latest issue of the paper which contained my 100th publication in it. It was very exciting. I had told my four kids that when I reached  my goal of a hundred publications I wanted all of us to go out for supper together at my favorite pasta place-Robbie’s on St.Laurent.

It was no small task trying to round up all four kids (aged 11, 12, 14 and 16 at the time) for a night out. All my kids have their own activities and social calendars. I was so excited. The night finally arrived and we did it-we had supper together at Robbie’s and celebrated!

“I write to give myself strength.I write to be the characters that I a not. I write to explore all the things I am afraid of.”

-Joss Whedon

About Catina Noble

I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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6 Responses to Setting Goals

  1. Bouncy X says:

    always glad to be able to be there for all these major milestones and help and celebrate you and with you in my own fun and special way!! i’m forever impressed and proud and happy for you. 🙂 and i gotta say, the fact you used a Joss Whedon quote…well damn, just when i thought you couldn’t be more awesome!! 😉

  2. Jennifer says:

    That is a HUGE accomplishment cuz, I am so very proud but not surprise!!!!! Glad the kids could all come together and celebrate with you!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I always knew that you had the talent and were going to go far in your writing.Very proud of you Kate!Keep the words flowing for others to enjoy.

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