A Word About Me From CC Trubiak

My good friend Curtis Trubiak surprised me with this wonderful post about my journey as a writer. His website is http://www.cctrubiak.com.

CC CHRONiCLES: Good for you Catina!!!!!

Published by cctadmin on November 29th, 2013


There’s something to be said for taking risks, jumping off the proverbial dock & facing the potentially cold waters.  Take my friend Catina for example.  I met Catina years ago in Ottawa while we both attended Algonquin Community College while we got our Social Service Worker Diplomas at night school.  Catina was a single mom raising 4 kids – her strength & determination something I always admired, on top of her humour & her vulnerability.

During that time, in between classes & papers & deadlines – we supported one another & I knew that she had a penchant for writing because she always seemed to be writing journal entries or lists – or term papers.

We’ve stayed in touch for many years & what’s amazing to me is that despite any of life’s hurdles or punches to the gut, Catina somehow manages to keep that determination, that will to keep on truckin’ in tact.

The payoff, in my belief, is that she has developed a great recipe for success – she has boldly chosen to go where others in similar shoes may never go; she put herself OUT THERE by sharing her given gifts as a writer, channeling that passion & drive; submitting her writings & short stories to publications.

I’ve seen many of her successes in facing the fear of rejection & despite however many times her attempts fall flat, she has also achieved success.  Her willingness to rise to the occasion of life proves that anything is possible, no matter what your life situation.

Today I opened up the mail to find a big envelope containing a personal letter & a copy of Women’s World – & inside is a short, but sweet story Catina wrote & submitted about a random act of kindness that impacted her in a positive way.  The result: this article, found page. 43 graces a big publication that will be seen all over the world!!!!


I’m proud of you & the example you lead by putting yoruself out there. I love you dearly & am so happy to watch your success continue!

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing”-Aristotle

About Catina Noble

I am a writer, author, teacher and traveler.
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2 Responses to A Word About Me From CC Trubiak

  1. Bouncy X says:

    way to go indeed!!! its always great to see others appreciate and recognize your awesome and even cooler when people “tell the world” about it!! makes me so proud of you. 🙂

    • catinanoble says:

      It was indeed a delightful surprise. I was just sent a link to the post and I was wondering what it was and when I started reading it, I was very touched. The post meant a lot to me as we are both in creative arts and he is extremely gifted.

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